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DVD Packages

 ACDC Multimedia specializes in CD/ DVD Duplication and Replication. We use only the best optical media using Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden for our in-house production. We offer both Duplication (in-house) and replication services (manufactured). Our catalogue prices are one of industry’s lowest. Why shop for specials when you can get the lowest prices all year round with us! Check out our comprehensive CD packaging solutions- from jewel cases, digi paks, disc paks, and square mailer, paper and PVC sleeves as well as printed envelops. Let us help you to promote your product/service so it can visually rise above others.

Duplication V’s Replication
Duplication is the process of burning music, video or data onto the blank discs
Replication is the process of mass producing discs via injection moulding process from a glass master.
Duplication is recommended for under 500 units because it is the most cost effective method for smaller runs and the turnaround time is much faster. At ACDC, we can generally provide next day delivery for most projects under 1000 units. Our Daily in- house duplication capacity is around 5000-10,000 disc/ day.
Replication is recommended for over 1000 units. It is the most cost effective method for larger volume. Replication takes around 8-10 working days.
What type of printing for your Discs
At, ACDC, we offer a variety of printing option for your duplicated discs. It is important to understand the difference between them for the correct selection.
Thermal Finish- Thermal printing provides a glossy water shield finish to the disc. Thermal printing, using a combination of heat and pressure conveys solid pigment from coated ribbon onto the surface of a disc. The finish look is vibrant and glossy and gives a professional look to the overall disc.
Inkjet Finish- Inkjet printing is becoming increasing popular with consumers due to its high quality and cost effectiveness. Inkjet printers functions by ejecting liquid ink from a print head onto the surface of inkjet printable discs. The end result is a high resolution matte finish.
Offset Finish- Offset Printing is a large industrial scale printing process where the inked imaged is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket which then transfers to the printing surface. Offset Printing is one of the most cost effective methods on the market for large scale printing over 1000 units. Offset printing is usually combined with the replicated discs.

Most Popular
PVC Sleeves
Tin case with a Window
Clear-Single DVD Case
Black-Single DVD Case
All Packages
Printed Cardboard Wallet
White Cardboard Wallet
White Paper Sleeve
DIGIPACK- 6panel
PVC Sleeves
Clam Shelled Mailer case(1)
Clam Shelled Mailer Case(2)
Printed Envelop (large DL size)
Printed Envelop (small)
Tin case with a Window
Vinyl Wallet with Punchhole
Clear-Single DVD Case
Black-Single DVD Case
Clear-Double DVD Case
black-double dvd pack
DVD case 8x black
mailer case (no overlay)
Mailer case with slick/ overlay

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